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Initiative for Rebuilding Destroyed Cities

Initiative for Rebuilding Destroyed Cities

The architectural initiative for rebuilding destructed cities is a timely initiative that aspires to give solutions and valuable suggestions that could help in rebuilding the devastated cities and deal with the pressing needs of the aftermath of wars. Today the cities of the Middle East are languishing under the tremendous pressure of bloody conflicts and long suffering of civilians, and millions of displaced families and refugees.

After getting inspired by the great British philosopher Roger Scruton's article on the subject. We are launching this initiative, which will be in both Arabic and English; so everyone is invited!

Anyone can contribute whether in writing an article or designing a plan; all contributions will be translated, posted and published in both languages on our website Arabic Gate for Architectural News.

In hope of making a difference and unifying efforts, we are inviting all intellects and architects from around the world to contribute through their thought in reforming the destructed cities. This can form the database for any reconstruction process not just in the Middle Eastern cities, but could be implemented in every city got and being hit by disasters all over the world. This will serve a great deal in exchanging knowledge and thoughts for the good of the humanity and world.

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